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As NAS partners, our objective is to simplify your effort by using up-to-date solutions that cater to your needs in order to build-up a long-lasting business relationship.


We have a strong reputation for technical excellence coupled with our health expertise and claims center, we have the right people with the precise skills to drive our business forward.


Our reputation has been built upon consistent delivery from our highly skilled team, within the team there are many specialists from medical background contributing a wealth of experience in healthcare management.


NAS aims constantly to provide outstanding services in the insurance industry and distinguish privileged services for Members / Card Holders, payers, and providers by demonstrating compliance with national standards. We were among the first entities in Abu Dhabi to be certified from URAC for the pursuance of the Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) accreditation program, NAS has pioneered the use of cutting-edge E-authorization technology.  Openjet  Application exclusively designed by NAS provides pharmacists with real time patient’s information, thus increasing patient convenience and medication compliance while improving patient safety and quality of care.



Healthcare Providers

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At NAS, we are committed to going the extra mile for our customers and, wherever possible, exceeding their expectations. We take complaints seriously and provide tailor-made unique solutions while dealing with each claim on its merits.

We have robust processes in place to ensure all inquiries are handled fairly and in a timely manner.
At NAS we focus on technology and innovation, to ensure high standards of quality and customer care with no lack in the process.


NAS is a leader in applying sophisticated automation techniques keeping our network authorizations and reimbursement claims turnaround times at a minimum.


We design and provide bespoke solutions to suit the individual requirements; through our IT team.

NAS is able to promptly respond to its customers' evolving needs and compliance requirements, we have fully embraced e-Claim initiatives and through our exclusive JeT on-line portal we are able to deliver a high quality service to our customers.

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At NAS we select our provider network with the highest level of coverage across the region to meet our members’ requirements by offering them the best treatment options.


Our Provider directory is continiuosly updated and we are constantly looking to create new agreements with quality healthcare facilities.

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Please be advised that NAS claim forms are no longer serially numbered. Therefore, you may download and photocopy the claim forms available below for all future requirements.


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Card Holders

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As a NAS member, we are devoted to provide you with a world-class customer service experience.

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With a growing team of 450 professionals, we cater the health insurance needs of more than 1 million members, NAS focus on Health insurance and delivers durable, profitable performance in the most challenging market conditions.

NAS is committed to providing a varied facilities that are accessible to the members by implementing cost-effective electronic solution.

While our Head office lies in Abu Dhabi, we have major operations in the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia & Egypt.

We have core NAS operations in 6 countries as well as one of the largest partner networks in the industry, supporting us globally. This gives us the flexibility to be wherever you reside.

The NAS network works with clients combining global coverage with local knowledge and excellent service. A satisfied and loyal customer base is fundamental to our business.


The pillar of our commitments lies on the below:


  • Delivering consistent and reliable levels of customer service with a 24/7 helpline assistance
  • Listening to our customers
  • Handling complaints fairly and promptly
  • Developing a friendly interface, Mynas to help members achieve a personalized level of Insurance information
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