Company Profile

NAS United Healthcare Services LLC (NAS) is incorporated in Abu Dhabi with a paid-up capital of 5 Million Dirhams and is a subsidiary of NAS Holding Limited.


NAS Holding Limited is owned by Havenvest Private Equity Middle East Limited and Management. Havenvest Private Equity Middle East Limited is a leading private equity firm with a specific focus on investments in the GCC.



Since 2002, NAS has carved a unique niche in the regional healthcare sector because of its excellent service standards and innovative customer focused solutions. Through our various subsidiaries & affiliates, network agreements have been signed with more than 2,000 healthcare providers region-wide. NAS has staffed offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Jeddah, Riyadh, and Kuwait City operating direct billing networks within the region and beyond. NAS customers include many Insurance Companies and several Self-Funded Schemes with an aggregate portfolio progressively approaching the 1,000,000 members mark.

Why NAS?



NAS has grown into one of the largest fully independent TPAs in the region focusing entirely on healthcare benefits management.


NAS is not owned by any reinsurance or insurance company. NAS maintains an arms-length relationship with each of its many business partners.


Our commitment to service quality keeps NAS ahead of the competition. This is achieved by strict adherence to the highest service levels required for administering high profile portfolios of regional and international insurers.


NAS fields a team of top-notch professionals accumulating years of first-hand experience in the insurance and healthcare benefits management industry, including a high proportion of physicians and healthcare professionals.
Claim automation and regulatory compliance marks NAS as a clear leader in claims management and financial control. NAS has developed several solutions to meet the challenge of coping with the high volume of claims associated with healthcare benefits utilization. Drawing on this strength, NAS has participated in various advisory panels organized by HAAD (Health Authority-Abu Dhabi) about its strategic initiatives such as the introduction of e-Claim and e-Authorizations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Our Team

Ourteam 440-new

Professionalism, integrity, adaptability and dedication to service quality are essential qualities of all NAS team members.

Presently, medical professionals comprise about 70% of the ever growing NAS team, contributing a wealth of experience and expertise in healthcare management. Our “dedication to quality and service” philosophy has been endorsed by everyone associated with us over the years and truly places us at ‘the heart of health insurance’ in the region.

Mission Statement

We emphasize excellent service standards to our customers, coupled with proficient and cost-effective solutions with no compromise on quality.

NAS Solution

We focus on providing a common platform that enables all participants in a given market to efficiently and professionally manage their medical business.

NAS offers its customers a model to outsource their claims management to a highly
skilled team of professionals with a proven track record in the field. We streamline
business processes using state-of-the-art technology that enhances productivity and
generates significant cost savings in processing claims.

With readily available and reliable statistics and benchmark data, decision makers now have a clear vision of the performance of their portfolios and are able to implement decisive actions in a timely manner.